Energy Port Eemshaven

One of the best known ports of Groningen is undoubtedly the Eemshaven. As a port, the Eemshaven is relatively new. The deep-sea port was officially opened by HM Queen Juliana in 1973. Since then the port has rapidly become a logistic hub for the sailing routes in northwest Europe. This impressive port is certainly worth a visit.

The Eemshaven is one of the best known ports in the Netherlands. Over the past 10 years, it has developed particularly fast. As a result of the attention that this brought with it, the Eemshaven is now a household name.

Energy port and Google data centre
The Eemshaven has specialised as an energy port. Three large power stations are based at the Eemshaven, which is also where a power cable from Norway comes on land. Eemshaven is also the arrival point of an important data cable from America, which is linked to the Google data centre based in the Eemshaven.

Mega windmills
One of the biggest windmill parks is located here. RWE/Essent has set up a visitor centre in the historic “Goliath” mill.

Connection to Borkum
From Eemshaven, AG Ems runs a ferry to Borkum, which transports a total of 300,000 passengers every year. There is an excellent car park and a modern departure hall with terrace.

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