Historical town of Appingedam

You can still experience history in Appingedam today. The abundance of water and the harbour bring atmosphere to the town, whose old historic centre leaves an indelible impression. Appingedam is ideal for exploring by boat. Paddle a canoe under the famous hanging kitchens and stop at the new Marina. This harbour is in the centre of the town, in the middle of the Overdiep.

Turbulent history
Appingedam is a medieval town with a turbulent history and residents who are proud of that history. Much of Appingedam’s historical heritage has been preserved. Take the 'buurbrief' (city rights), for example. This contains the rule of law of the Zeven Vrije Frieslanden, enforced in 1327 in a meeting of the Upstalsboom in Aurich, now kept in the municipal archives.

Rich medieval architecture
In medieval times, Appingedam was the capital of the district of Friesland called Fivelingo from where trade was conducted with northern Germany and the Baltic area, Scandinavia and Westphalia. Appingedam was an important regional market centre and harbour. The riches which were accumulated in this period are reflected in the architecture and history of the town which is displayed in Museum Stad Appingedam.

Hanging kitchens of Appingedam
The main attractions of Appingedam include the impressive Nicolai church and the Raadhuis, the Renaissance style town hall built in 1630, the historic Solwerderstraat and of course Damsterdiep with its lovely bridges and hanging kitchens. Leisure boating is also becoming popular following the opening of the Damsterdiep boating circuit.

The harbour on the Overdiep is a lovely spot where leisure boaters can moor for a few days and explore Appingedam and the surroundings.

Explore Appingedam from the water

Every Saturday afternoon, the Damsterveer ferry makes two trips around Appingedam. This provides a unique opportunity to see another side to historic Appingedam from the water.
You literally sail under the hanging kitchens, see the unique medieval facades and the many bridges. In just under an hour, you make your day in Appingedam complete!

Tickets are available from the VVV Tourist Information Office, departure behind the Nicolaïkerk.

Adults: € 4, children under 12: € 2.
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