Nieuw in Kantens

The panoramic views are magnificent and the cloud banks impressive. The land is rugged and you can enjoy each season. In the outhouse, which was once located on the Bethlehem artificial dwelling hill, are the horses Tinkerpaard and Mini-Shet. Chickens rummage about in the straw. Near the Wadden Sea coast, the rhythm is set by farm life: ploughing, sowing, caring and harvesting. And there is space and room for your imagination to roam free.
At some distance of the city and daily commotion, everything changes perspective. Walsemaweer is a head-neck-trunk farmhouse from 1869, which was put back on the drawing table in 2007 in order to optimally facilitate (several-day) work sessions. Walsemaweer is perfect for people (teams) that wish to give attention to something or to each other in a relaxed manner and away from all the daily hassle. The space and tranquillity and the comfortable design of the rooms and apartments and work spaces also contribute. There are options for congresses. Everything ensures a wonderful stay: the characteristic rooms and apartments – made from natural materials, such as loam, wood fibre and flax – as well as the delicious food that comes fresh from the Groningen land.



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