Cycling in the region

Totalling 280 kilometres, the International Dollard Route runs through the Province of Groningen and the neighbouring Ostfriese Rheiderland (D). You cycle through the expansive polder landscape, which was reclaimed from the sea following centuries of unremitting labour, passing idyllic little villages on the way. Like Slochteren with its medieval castle or the authentic fishing village of Ditzum at the mouth of the river Eems, with its windmill and numerous little fish restaurants. The fresh, salty sea air is your constant companion! And to crown your journey, you can cross the Dollard estuary on our similarly named passenger boat. During the crossing between Ditzum, Emden and Delfzijl, revisit all the impressions from your journey. We look forward to your visit!

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Bike rental and repair

There are various bike rental businesses in the region, offering a range of bikes from simple models to electric bikes and mopeds. There are also numerous places where you can have your bike repaired.

Ferry over the Dollard

The ‘Dollard' ferry crosses the Dollard estuary three times a week – on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – between Ditzum, Emden and Delfzijl. Cyclists on the Int. Dollard Route can naturally take their bikes on the boat, but it is also for visitors stopping off at the places on the way.

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