Sailing and canoeing

Sailing in the region

The Groningerland has many basins, rivers and lakes: waterways which provide a very different view of the surroundings and built environment. Exploring Groningerland from a different perspective can be a relaxed experience in a boat or sporty in a canoe.

The regular pleasure boats with a limited height and depth can also explore the region, going right into the smallest villages. The provincial site has all the information about clearance heights and available keys for self-service of bridges and locks. Visit the provincial site for more information. 

Sailing on the Wadden

Enjoy a peaceful boat trip to the Wadden islands or be more adventurous on a powerboat. Rib4fun offers fun for everyone. An unforgettable experience on the wad! For more information, see below at Rib4fun.


This tiny island is around 11 kilometres off the coast and has continued to decrease in size over the years. At the moment, it consists of a row of dunes and a salt marsh. After an occupation by the son of the last wreck master in 1991, the government decided to continue looking after the island in a nature-friendly way.

Rottumeroog is open to visitors. Sail on the "Noordster" with a guide from the Forestry Commission. More information is available from one of the VVV offices


VVV Appingedam has two routes which introduce you to all the Highlights and gives you background information.
The small (canoe) route is a trip through the old centre of Appingedam. The big route runs from the City of Groningen via Appingedam to the Schildmeer and back to the city.

A handy walking and boat guide showing the routes is available from all the regional VVVs.