Special Architecture

All over the region, there are beautiful buildings which were constructed during the Amsterdam School period. Many schools, churches, farms and homes were built in this expressive brick style. These buildings all date from the 1920s and 30s, each reflecting a style conscious Groningen. This characteristic architecture was very popular in Groningen at that time. In fact, outside the city of Amsterdam, this architectural style was most found in the province of Groningen.

The main features of the Amsterdam School are the use of brick and decorations in the facades and masonry. The horizontally wide windows are also typical of this architectural style. Architects like Egbert Reitsma, Siebe Jan Bouma and Evert Linge were responsible for the many Amsterdam School buildings in the province of Groningen.

See here two typical examples and more locations below.

Reformed church Appingedam
The Reformed Church at Dijkstraat 71 was built in 1927 following a design by architect Egbert Reitsma (Amsterdam School). This is the 4th Reformed Church and was built on the site where the Munt van Appingedam stood in the late Middle Ages. In 1998, the church was designated a national heritage site as a modern monument. This church was decommissioned on 9 March 2008 for the weekly services of the PGA. The church, the rectory and the Kabzeël club building were sold on 29 December 2010. The church and the old rectory (OPEE) were bought by the Reformed Church in Appingedam while Kabzeël was bought by the municipality of Appingedam.

The Berlagehuis Usquert
The Berlagehuis is the former town hall of the independent municipality of Usquert. The building is a historic architectural building which was designed and built by the famous master builder Hendrik Petrus Berlage from Amsterdam between 1929 and 1930. It is his only town hall and is very important in architectural terms because of the unity between the interior and exterior and parts together.

In 1991, the building became the property of the Vereniging Hendrick de Keijser in Amsterdam. This foundation strives to provide a public function in the Berlagehuis and (limited) access for the public. It is always possible to make an appointment to view inside the building.